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background full-screen photo of two plates filled with Amo Nakatl Asada tacos and sides and sauces on a dark wooden tabletop
Amo Nakatl Asada circular logo with the name in black block letters and a Mayan cartoon head with teeth and colors in background

CALL TO ORDER: (951) 240-7434


We strive for the quality and consistency in our food to get anyone and everyone to eat and enjoy it without coming out of any comfort zones. We have chosen some of our most favorite and traditional recipes, but added our twist of fully plant-based ingredients and with our toughest critics in mind every step of the way: our non-vegan family members. 

Choices of Protein:

*Jack Carnitas, *Soy Al Pastor,  Beef-less Asada

Substitute our de mar option for an additional price in any dish.

Substitute the Beyond patty in any dish for an additional price.

*gluten and soy free options available

Allergens: Soy/Gluten/Nuts



Choice of non meat and guacsalsa (depending on non-meat may have cilantro with onion or pico.)


Choice of non-meat, shredded cheeze, beans, pico, aioli, fresh greens and guacsalsa.

Stuffed Quesadillas

Choice of non-meat, cheeze shreds, pico, aioli, and guacsalsa
Classic plain cheeze quesadilla

Beer Battered Fish-less Taco

Comes with our aioli, red/green cabbage, pico & guacsalsa sprinkled with black sesame seeds.

Mini Taco plate

Comes with two mini street style tacos, choice of non-meat, rice and beans.

Burritos or *Bowls

Choice of non-meat, rice, beans, shredded cheeze, aioli, pico, and guacsalsa.

Nachoz or *Fries

Classic Nachoz with cheeze & jalapeñosLoaded nachoz or fries with choice of non meat, nacho cheeze, beans, aioli, cashew ccrema, pico & guacsalsa


Kids juice included

Kids Cheeze Quesadilla

Kids beans, rice and cheeze burrito.

Choice of protein:
*Jackchaca, *Soy Chorizo, Bakon

Breakfast Burritos

Choice of breakfast non-meat, tofu scramble, cheeze shreds, aioli, beans, and hashbrown.

Breakfast Plate

Chilaquiles (red or green)
Tortilla with tofu scramble, cheeze shreds and salsa topped with cashew crema, cilantro and onion also hashbrown, side of beans and a side salad topped with aioli and pico.



Kombucha on tap

Water Bottles

Kids Juice

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